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VisionPLUS® OnLine is a powerful, interactive, OnLine toolset that enables a collision center to track, analyze and improve their business. Like having a personal consultant, VPOL identifies where a shop could improve performance, how to develop strategies for improvement, and how to implement corrective action plans.

VisionPLUS® Custom Business Solutions

At BASF we believe a shop owner's future success is based on how well their business plan aligns with their strategic plan and their customer's changing needs. BASF believes to be of value to our customers we must enable success with tools and services that sustain and improve performance while building a successful business for today and tomorrow. We must, and do deliver more then paint solutions. BASF's business tools and services are found in the VisionPLUS Custom Business Solutions portfolio that allows a collision center to:
  • Take advantage of and anticipate change
  • Enjoy healthy growth and expansion
  • Lower the cost of industry changes and growth opportunities
  • Reduce single person dependency in collision center operations
  • Improve performance
  • Improve business control
  • Be more competitive in the market place
  • Have a greater capacity to grow
  • Control rapid growth with a lower risk
BASF Value Added Programs

BASF Value Added Programs are part of the VisionPLUS® Custom Business Solutions. Each one brings a collision center added value. Visit all of them for the value they deliver:

VisionPLUS® OnLine
VisionPLUS® OnLine Dashboard
VisionPLUS® Production Management
VisionPLUS® University
VisionPLUS® Performance Groups
VisionPLUS® Facility Planning
VisionPLUS® Warranty
VisionPLUS® Excellence

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